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Supporting Local Schools

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The Clairemont Mesa Education Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization committed to developing partnerships, organizing resources, and receiving financial donations that support excellence in education and raise the profile of public education in Clairemont.

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About the Foundation

The Foundation was created to provide assistance to and to generate financial support for nineteen public schools in the Clairemont community.

Our Schools

The community of Clairemont, unlike any other community in the city of San Diego, has two main high school cluster groups. The Clairemont Community of Schools and Madison Community of Schools that bring 19 schools together in strong communities that are determined to meet the district goals of having a quality school in every neighborhood.

Our Partners

We have begun the process of bringing many organizations, the community colleges and local universities, as well as corporations to work with the foundation to meet the goals of the foundation. The foundation will work closely with the Madison and Clairemont High School clusters. The more involved the schools, parents and community are with the cluster groups, the more involved you will be with the foundation.