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Mission Statement

The Clairemont Mesa Education Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization committed to developing partnerships, organizing resources, and receiving financial donations that support excellence in education and raise the profile of public education in Clairemont.

The Foundation was created to provide assistance and financial support for public schools in the community of Clairemont. The Foundation supports both long and short term investments in key areas such as technology, engineering, mathematics and science by assisting schools in acquiring equipment and resources. This support allows schools to stay current with new technologies designed to encourage staff creativity, professional development, and excellence outside the regular curriculum and not available through the District’s normal operating budget. Projects will enrich educational resources and provide a vital link between the community and the classroom.

We believe the model that is capable of delivering real results for our K-12 schools is to involve all aspects of the community, including businesses, service organizations, and other stakeholders not directly part of our schools, staff, and families. Our foremost effort will be to facilitate specific programs looking for schools and students, as well as schools looking for programs to address specific areas. We will accept cash contributions from individuals and organizations, but fundraising will be a secondary focus for the foundation. The primary consideration around fundraising is the intention not to compete with existing fundraising efforts by the schools, PTAs, and foundations.


The Clairemont Mesa Education Foundation will work for broad-based and coordinated community support for the public schools in the community of Clairemont to ensure that all students in the public schools will have an unparalleled educational opportunity and to enhance the public schools reputation for excellence in education


The Clairemont Mesa Education Foundation is guided by the principles that every student is entitled to the best public education possible and that through collaboration with the community we can provide greater educational opportunities for all students