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A little while ago a group of parents, educators and community business people came together with the intention to create The Clairemont Mesa Education Foundation. The primary purpose of the CMEF is to enhance the attendance of neighborhood students in our Clairemont neighborhood schools.  We recognize that we have wonderful schools in Clairemont and that we need to support our schools in a way that will help increase attendance and enhance the quality programs in place.  Some of the ways that we can do that is by helping to support the schools with volunteers that have special skill sets, money and collaboration with existing program.

The Foundation was created to provide assistance to and to generate financial support for the nineteen public schools in the Clairemont community. These schools are drawn from the  high schools, middle schools and elementary schools that are in the San Diego Unified School District Area 4 and that are within the Clairemont community. They are also divided into the two main high schools clusters.

Clairemont High School / 4150 Ute Dr San Diego, CA 92117
Madison High School / 4833 Doliva Dr San Diego, CA 92117
Innovation Middle School / 5095 Arvinels Ave San Diego, CA 92117
Marston Middle School / 3799 Clairemont Dr San Diego, CA 92117
Creative, Performing, Media Arts (CPMA) Middle School / 5050 Conrad Ave. San Diego, CA 92117
Alcott Elementary School / 4680 Hidalgo Ave San Diego, CA 92117
Bay Park Elementary School / 2433 Denver St. San Diego, CA 92110
Cadman Elementary School / 4370 Kamloop Ave San Diego, CA 92117
Field Elementary School / 4375 Bannock Ave San Diego, CA 92117
Hawthorne Elementary School / 4750 Lehrer Dr San Diego, CA 92117
Holmes Elementary School / 4902 Mt Ararat Dr San Diego, CA 92111
John Muir School / 4431 Mt Herbert Ave San Diego, CA 92117
Lafayette Elementary School / 6125 Printwood Way San Diego, CA 92117
Lindbergh/Schweitzer Elementary School / 4133 Mt Albertine Ave San Diego, CA 92111
Longfellow Spanish Immersion Magnet / 5055 July St. San Diego, CA 92110
Mt. Everest Academy / 4350 Mt Everest Blvd San Diego, CA 92117
Sequoia Elementary School / 277 Boyd Road Pleasant Hill, California 94523
Toler Elementary School / 3350 Baker St San Diego, CA 92117
Whitman Elementary School / 4050 Appleton Street San Diego, CA 92117